Troll Wars

Coming soon to the global world order. Can Hillary be a better Troll patron than Putin? Can Hillary’s Trolls match Trump’s Trolls?

Hillary Clinton who is running for President of the United States or more precisely to see which current, remaining  candidate can be America’s Putin has launched her own Troll Army on social media sites, see Breitbart


Game of Trolls

Game of Trolls




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Cogan’s Bluff in Brooklyn?



Is Judge Brian Cogan seriously pushing the Justice Department to go after two lawyers who are simply attempting to defend their clients, innocent victims of a financial fraud perpetrated on them by Felix Sater a government informant who appeared to use his CI status as a cover to carry out the fleecing of their clients?

Also check out Sater’s American lawyer who makes a ludicrous claim about Sater saving millions of Americans lives. He appears to reference some of the very information he argues needs to be sealed in his own self promotional material. Even stranger the lawyer appears to have unsealed  information he wants sealed in a suit filed on Sater’s behalf in Israel in an effort to intimidate a possible litigant against Sater here in the US.

Also worth asking in this case – Does anyone really think Sater was operating in Russia without the Russian government’s knowledge? Can Russian mafia figures in the US really ever come out of Putin’s trench coat?

This is an ugly, ugly case of judicial overreach where a judge appears to be pushing the Justice Department to not only go after two lawyers simply doing their sworn duty to defend their clients’ interests but also to trash the 1st Amendment and dump it in a Jersey landfill. For the Justice Department the appearance of a conflict of interest is reminiscent  of a legal system once practiced in the former Soviet Union.

But then again, perhaps Judge Cogan is simply bluffing, i.e., calling the government’s own bluff regarding just how kosher were the government’s dealings with Sater ?

Suggested movie title for the Sater Story: Black Mass?  Red Seder.






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Rogue Lawyers or Rogue DOJ?

Or maybe just a total mess, the Felix Sater saga meets the press once again.

Was Donald Trump asked to help or work with Sater the second time around?

Are more people endangered by keeping files sealed than by opening them?

Did Judge Cogan consider the latter question?



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Bushwacking Cruz: Roger Stone Reaches Out to Felix Sater?

In addition to advising Trump, Felix Sater has also identified himself as advisor to Neil Bush and his oil company. Stone’s attack on Bush in today’s Daily Caller reads like a Mother Jones’ article. This may be a line of attack Stone regrets opening. Is this pay back for Cruz raising the Sater-Trump connection?

No doubt Loretta Lynch and Leslie Caldwell may eventually be needed to moderate/silence this line of attack.


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DHS Has Long History of Smearing Whistleblowers

The Daily Caller is reporting that the DHS OIG is investigating a smear campaign by DHS officials against an ICE whistleblower. Though serious and possibly criminal, in 2006 DHS went even further when officials (legacy INS officials) used a faux whistleblower to smear and retaliate against the very whistleblowers who he was relying on for his testimony in front of Congress.



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Hillary: From the Shores of Tripoli to the Halls of South Carolina

The Clintons win South Carolina and lose the Marines.

What is sad is that you don’t see any of the men in the audience get up to defend, or walk out with the Marine.

“Can you have the courage to listen to my answer?” Bill Clinton challenges a Marine (1:56 mark)



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The EB-5 Laundering Machine

How has the U.S. become the world’s money laundering capitol  of the world?



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