Would DOJ Seek to Indict Senator Grassley for Releasing Unclassified Clinton Files?

Senator Grassley has been championing whistleblowers for decades maybe it’s time he steps into their shoes?

On September 12th the Senator stood up in the Senate and gave the following statement:

“Mr. President, today I want to discuss my serious concerns about the FBI’s selective release of Clinton investigation material and how the Senate is handling the unclassified but, not yet public, information provided by the Bureau.

On the Friday before a holiday weekend, the FBI chose to release to the public only two of the dozens of unclassified documents it provided to Congress.

Director Comey said, “the American people deserve the details in a case of intense public interest,” and “unusual transparency is in order.”

He is right; the people have a right to know.

But, actions speak louder than words.

Right now, the public has only a very narrow slice of the facts gathered by the FBI.

The FBI has only released its summary of the investigation and the report of the interview with Secretary Clinton.

However, its summary is misleading or inaccurate in some key details and leaves out other important facts altogether.

There are dozens of unclassified reports describing what other witnesses said.

But, those reports are still hidden away from the public.

They are even being hidden from most Congressional staff, including some who have been conducting oversight of the FBI on these issues.


Because the FBI improperly bundled these unclassified reports with a small amount of classified information, and told the Senate to treat it all as if it were classified….”

The senator seems to have two options: read the unclassified information on the Senate floor and/or release it to the public. What would DOJ do?

If they go after Senator Grassley I would be happy to forward the number of a federally trained and certified Whistleblower Retaliation Investigator who would gladly stand up in defense of the Senator. In fact, if his staff looked, he might even have her number.

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Stonetear’s Secret: Immunized Former Clinton Aide Allegedly Sought Advice On Removing Email Address For “Very VIP” Official [UPDATED]


bleachbit-paul-combettaWe have been discussing the controversy surrounding the decision of the Justice Department to give immunity to former State Department staffer, Bryan Pagliano and tech specialist Paul Combetta — thereby removing much of the pressure that could have been brought to bear with the threat of criminal charges. That immunity deal became even more questionable when it was disclosed that Combetta used Bleachbit to destroy email records despite his knowledge that those records were being sought by Congress. Now, there is an allegation that Combetta sought advice on the website for how to hide a “VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address.” If true, that would show a conscious effort to conceal the identity of the VIP and illegally alter federal records. Either Combetta did not disclose this effort in violation of his immunity deal or the Justice Department effectively removed a serious threat of indictment though the agreement. Update: the House…

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An Oldie but Goodie

Before OPM there was USIS. Or is it the other way around? This old PR announcement is worth saving for those interested in understanding how our federal personnel system has become thoroughly trashed.

“USIS appoints Michael Aytes as Director, Homeland Security Programs

FALLS CHURCH, Va., Jan. 26, 2012 – US Investigations Services, LLC (USIS), the largest commercial provider of background investigations to the federal government, today announced that Michael Aytes has been appointed director, Homeland Security Programs. Mr. Aytes will be responsible for all aspects of program management and performance for USIS activities relating to a wide range of solutions and for developing new business opportunities in homeland security. He will report to Jonathan Goldman, vice president, Records Management Programs at USIS.

Mr. Aytes joins USIS following a 34-year career with the federal government in the immigration field. He most recently worked for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), where he was senior advisor to the USCIS director. From 2008 to 2009, Mr. Aytes served as the acting deputy director of USCIS and served as the acting head from November 2008 to August 2009, where he managed the agency’s 10,000 federal employees and 8,000 contract staff. In 2005, he became the associate director of USCIS domestic operations, managing a workforce of more than 12,000 and a budget of more than $1 billion. Under his leadership, the agency successfully completed a rigorous multi-year backlog reduction initiative by expanding operations, meeting benchmarks to improve service levels and reducing application processing times to successfully reach a series of aggressive service improvement goals.

“Mike brings a wealth of experience to our team,” said Mr. Goldman. “His extensive background and expertise in the immigration and homeland security arena will be a tremendous asset to USIS and our customers. He is a consummate professional and will be a catalyst for ensuring that we continue to provide customer-centric solutions to our federal government clients.”

From 1977 to 2003, Mr. Aytes worked for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (the USCIS legacy organization) in various leadership positions. Mr. Aytes earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from the University of Missouri.

“USIS is a proven leader in providing innovative services and solutions to the federal government,” said Mr. Aytes. “I am thrilled to join this team of experienced professionals and look forward to the opportunity to assist our federal customer in effectively and efficiently carrying out its immigration services mission.”

About USIS

USIS provides services under more than 100 contracts and is the largest commercial provider of background investigations to the federal government. It has more than 6,600 employees working in all 50 states and overseas. USIS offers litigation support as well as customized solutions for helping government clients manage records, information and documents. In addition, it specializes in construction surveillance services, physical/personnel/facility security and investigative analytics.”

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Protected: Waiting For Waldemir

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Troll Wars

Coming soon to the global world order. Can Hillary be a better Troll patron than Putin? Can Hillary’s Trolls match Trump’s Trolls?

Hillary Clinton who is running for President of the United States or more precisely to see which current, remaining  candidate can be America’s Putin has launched her own Troll Army on social media sites, see Breitbart


Game of Trolls

Game of Trolls




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Cogan’s Bluff in Brooklyn?



Is Judge Brian Cogan seriously pushing the Justice Department to go after two lawyers who are simply attempting to defend their clients, innocent victims of a financial fraud perpetrated on them by Felix Sater a government informant who appeared to use his CI status as a cover to carry out the fleecing of their clients?

Also check out Sater’s American lawyer who makes a ludicrous claim about Sater saving millions of Americans lives. He appears to reference some of the very information he argues needs to be sealed in his own self promotional material. Even stranger the lawyer appears to have unsealed  information he wants sealed in a suit filed on Sater’s behalf in Israel in an effort to intimidate a possible litigant against Sater here in the US.

Also worth asking in this case – Does anyone really think Sater was operating in Russia without the Russian government’s knowledge? Can Russian mafia figures in the US really ever come out of Putin’s trench coat?

This is an ugly, ugly case of judicial overreach where a judge appears to be pushing the Justice Department to not only go after two lawyers simply doing their sworn duty to defend their clients’ interests but also to trash the 1st Amendment and dump it in a Jersey landfill. For the Justice Department the appearance of a conflict of interest is reminiscent  of a legal system once practiced in the former Soviet Union.

But then again, perhaps Judge Cogan is simply bluffing, i.e., calling the government’s own bluff regarding just how kosher were the government’s dealings with Sater ?

Suggested movie title for the Sater Story: Black Mass?  Red Seder.






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Rogue Lawyers or Rogue DOJ?

Or maybe just a total mess, the Felix Sater saga meets the press once again.

Was Donald Trump asked to help or work with Sater the second time around?

Are more people endangered by keeping files sealed than by opening them?

Did Judge Cogan consider the latter question?



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