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Cowan Triumphalis, Let the Sequestration Games Begin! Release the Criminals!

The President recently warned that Sequestration could lead to criminals being released into our communities. Janet Napolitano, his Secretary of Homeland Security followed up with equally dire warnings that sequestration will force her hand to release thousands of ICE detainees … Continue reading

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Putin’s Party of Power Parties in South Florida?

Where else might one find a leading Russian legislator, the head of the ethics committee no less, than South Florida? Maybe he can meet up with senator Bob for a quick jaunt down to the Dominican Republic to meet some … Continue reading

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Exxon-Mobil Sells Back Alaska To Russia

Well at least a part of the North Slope, as George W. President was fond of saying nobody tells Exxon-Mobil what they can or can not do: “Russia‚Äôs largest oil company Rosneft signed a deal with ExxonMobil on Wednesday, giving … Continue reading

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Is This An O Ring Moment In The Immigration Debate?

Once again Americans find themselves listening to politicians, pundits and advocates promoting solutions to the collapse of our immigration system which instead of uniting Americans in a common goal of solving a national problem seem to do nothing but divide … Continue reading

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