Sater Gets Divine Intervention? Or Federal Intervention?

Felix Sater has a new partner at the 8:46 mark. If only Holocaust survivors the Gottdieners were so lucky?


From yesterday’s New York Post:

“In a Manhattan federal court suit filed March 18, the estate of Holocaust survivors Ernest and Judit Gottdiener alleges that convicted scammers Felix Sater and Salvatore Lauria — who pleaded guilty to racketeering in a $40 million, 1998 pump-and-dump stock-fraud scheme — bilked the Gottdieners out of $7 million.”

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6 Responses to Sater Gets Divine Intervention? Or Federal Intervention?

  1. david grey says:

    Thanks for the post. I still can’t figure out Sat(t)er’s link with Polonsky, Temnikov, et al from Mirax/Potok. Can you help?

  2. Doug Brown says:

    Well right off, both Sater and Polonsky have a talent to defraud investors in real estate deals while at the same time maintaining close ties to prominent and influential people in the halls of power within their respective countries, who they then call in to provide protection when one of their victims complain about being fleeced. In both cases, it’s a bizarre example of government providing a protection service to criminals while they engage in criminal activities against their own citizens and foreign citizens.

    Polonsky was just recently used by Putin to take out Alexander Lebedev, a former KGB officer and current oligarch who has an independent power base and media empire which could have posed a potential challenge to Putin. Putin use of Polonsky is very much part of his current overall strategy to consolidate his control over the Russian oligarchs/Boyars by targetting those who might think of challenging his hold on power. Of course, such a consildation has some very signifigant implications for Russia’s international role and pursuit of its interests, interests which are increasingly defined as one as the same as Vladimir Putin’s.

    The implications for the American government’s continued support and protection of Sater are just as ominous and troubling. His connections with Polonsky raises the possibility that the American government, the American Justice Dept and the FBI are in fact putting the American government at the service of Vladimir Putin’s consolidation of power over a vast financial oligarchial Leviathan and providing Putin and his oligarchs ‘a window to the west’ with ‘get out of jail free cards’ to their facilitators.

  3. david grey says:

    Thanks Doug!

    I agree the Polonsky (Mirax/Potok) scheme is another major operation by the Russian mafia funneling dirty cash to the West and select western projects (Miami, Aminona, Montenegro, etc.) through just another major pump-and-dump real estate performance. I would be careful however branding Lebedev as someone with “independent” power base and media. Lebedev’s empire has long been devised to front the Gorbachev family. He flourished during the Gorbachev years and the very first distribution of Soviet assets in the early 1990s. Thus, anything he “owns” in fact belongs to the father of the Perestroika and his daughter. Plus, Lebedev is not just another former KGB guy, he is the General of the same (elite) 1st Directorate branch that also groomed Lt. Colonel Putin.

    Nevertheless, If what you are saying is true, then the system is in fact after the wealth and assets of Gorby – a highly unlikely scenario. Besides, even if the Gorbachev family office (unhappy with its “manager” for whatever reasons) ordered Putin’s current regime to eliminate Lebedev, I think the system could easily fabricate far more colorful basis against him than the one related to the Polonsky episode.

    Anyway, I’ve been following the Polonsky drama since the beginning and cannot quite figure out the Temnikov phenomenon (there is NOTHING about him out there). I suspect he’s holding the key to many questions about the real stakeholders and the true puppet masters of the Clown world knows as Mr. Polonsky. PLEASE let me know if you stumble upon anything on Mr. T.

  4. Doug Brown says:


    Of course you’re right about Lebedev’s connection to Gorby, but I was speaking independence vis-a-vis Putin and given Gorby’s age and health and Lebedev’s own background I’m not so sure I would view Lebedev as just a front man for the Gorby clan. As for going after Gorby’s wealth and assets being a highly unlikely scenario, Gorby didn’t sound too happy the other day. I think there is a real battle going on among Russia power elite,and has been for awhile and as I mentioned elsewhere on this site I think it has in part been driven by Putin’s purge of the Chekist Myth as the underlying legitimacy of his power and replacing it with a Putin Myth.

    As for Temnikov, he’s a very familiar type of player in the oligarch phenomenon, if I was simply judging from his picture, I would say he looks like he could come from security service background. Certain oligarchs seem central to Putin’s court, others like Polonsky appear to be the jesters kept for their entertainment and diversion value .

  5. david says:

    You have a point there, Doug. Thanks again for nice work. Will be coming back to visit you.

  6. Julie D. says:

    Very interesting for me from where I’m sitting here in (you know:) not so far from mini-mafia island and where there is a significant Russian population. Here, several would be oligarchs tried to buy their way in at different levels, (one bought and offered to refurbish an old hospital in hopes of being Mayor in the capital, but was rebuffed (people here didn’t take to direct mafia rule:) and quickly huff-stepped it back to Ruskia:) (As a person of part Russian-Jewish descent myself I think I can laugh:) What is NOT funny is how the power-elite who are alternately used and abused by these power-hungry smooth talking criminals protect them (at least indirectly) by not exposing them! Shame on the US gov’t and shame on the “elite” Jewish establishment such as Chabad for sticking with and defending some of these guys who put on a “rent-a-kippa” and act so pious while pawning their snake-oil shtick! Creeps. Thanks for the insight and excellent analysis:)
    Blessin’s from the Land.

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