Soros’ Krugovaya Poruka

Is Soros’ legacy of immersion and deep infiltration into America’s Russian policy unduly influencing the IC debate surrounding Russian , Putin meddling in American Presidential Election?

See Steven L Hall article in Washington Post.

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Russian Pirates of the Caribbean

Rumor is that Alex Baldwin will be filming a new commercial:  ‘What’s in your Swiss Bank Account?’

Roman Yacht

Roman Yacht



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Natalie Grant and Russian Disinformation


The Nathan Hale Institute published two Natalie Grant works. Deception, A Tool of Soviet Foreign Policy, 1987. Murder in the Tiergarten: The Political Life of Vladimir Orlov, Intelligent Agent and Disinformer, 1997. During the recent election cycle it was so gratifying to see the interest among so many outlets and individuals in Russian Disinformation and Active Measures when it appeared targeted at the their favorite political party and candidates.

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DHS Alejandro J. Mayorkas Escapes to Sanctuary DC Law Firm

Where do tainted bureaucrats go when the Bureaucracy becomes too dangerous? Big DC connected law firms e.g., WilmerHale , home of Howard Shapiro (FBI) and Jamie Gorelick (DOJ & 9/11 Commission).

Alejandro Mayorkas one of the Obama Administration’s officials most responsible for keeping Terry McAuliffe out of jail and allowing him to take the Virginia governorship and placing him in a key position to help Hillary capture the swing state of Virginia has decided to take sanctuary among some of the most powerful lawyers in DC.



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Frankenstein Shocked at Own Creation

Billionaire investor George Soros has vehemently condemned Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria, accusing President Vladimir Putin of aggressively exploiting a power void in the White House ahead of the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.

“The world is witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions. It is happening in Syria. It is being perpetrated by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in support of his protégé, (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad,” he said in a new statement on his website posted on Thursday morning.”


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Yet Another Sater Linking

Richard Behar in Forbes writes yet another hit piece on the Sater-Trump connection and manages to miss most of the Sater story. How is it possible to tag Trump with Sater without asking certain questions, e.g., How did Sater get around Moscow so easily? What was the deal which had Sater working as an informant for the US government and who monitored his extracurricular activities during that period?

The answer is Trump can’t be tagged with the Sater connection without answering those question thoroughly. The only legitimate conclusion one can come up with now is that Sater can be tagged with having played all three links rather well and profitably and at significant costs to some very innocent victims.

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Would DOJ Seek to Indict Senator Grassley for Releasing Unclassified Clinton Files?

Senator Grassley has been championing whistleblowers for decades maybe it’s time he steps into their shoes?

On September 12th the Senator stood up in the Senate and gave the following statement:

“Mr. President, today I want to discuss my serious concerns about the FBI’s selective release of Clinton investigation material and how the Senate is handling the unclassified but, not yet public, information provided by the Bureau.

On the Friday before a holiday weekend, the FBI chose to release to the public only two of the dozens of unclassified documents it provided to Congress.

Director Comey said, “the American people deserve the details in a case of intense public interest,” and “unusual transparency is in order.”

He is right; the people have a right to know.

But, actions speak louder than words.

Right now, the public has only a very narrow slice of the facts gathered by the FBI.

The FBI has only released its summary of the investigation and the report of the interview with Secretary Clinton.

However, its summary is misleading or inaccurate in some key details and leaves out other important facts altogether.

There are dozens of unclassified reports describing what other witnesses said.

But, those reports are still hidden away from the public.

They are even being hidden from most Congressional staff, including some who have been conducting oversight of the FBI on these issues.


Because the FBI improperly bundled these unclassified reports with a small amount of classified information, and told the Senate to treat it all as if it were classified….”

The senator seems to have two options: read the unclassified information on the Senate floor and/or release it to the public. What would DOJ do?

If they go after Senator Grassley I would be happy to forward the number of a federally trained and certified Whistleblower Retaliation Investigator who would gladly stand up in defense of the Senator. In fact, if his staff looked, he might even have her number.

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