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Does This Go For Every Government Agency?

‘The misconduct we’ve seen of too many facilities, with long wait times and veterans denied care, and folks cooking the books, is outrageous and inexcusable,’ Obama said, waking up the crowd’s enthusiasm. ‘We’re focused on this at the highest levels. … Continue reading

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DHS No.2 Still Under Investigation. But Not Criminal?

The new DHS Inspector General John Roth states in an interview appearing today in the Washington Post that the investigation of DHS’ No.2 Alejandro Mayorkas’ handling of requests to help push along visa applications at the behest of a well … Continue reading

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Putin’s Espionage Offensive Against France

The XX Committee One of the major themes of my work is how Russia, drawing on decades of rich experience with espionage, aggressively employs intelligence in what I term Special War to defeat, dissuade, and deter its enemies without fighting. … Continue reading

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