DHS No.2 Still Under Investigation. But Not Criminal?

The new DHS Inspector General John Roth states in an interview appearing today in the Washington Post that the investigation of DHS’ No.2 Alejandro Mayorkas’ handling of requests to help push along visa applications at the behest of a well connected Washington insider is on going, that insider at the time, when Mayorkas headed up USCIS, was said to have been Terry McAuliffe who is now the Governor of Virginia.

However, IG Roth makes clear that the investigation is “non-criminal” in nature. He did not explain, nor did the Washington Post interviewer ask, how thorough is an investigation wherein the criminality or non-criminality is already determined.

“Before you arrived, the inspector general’s office was investigating whether Alejandro Mayorkas, who is now the No. 2 at DHS, improperly helped foreign investors obtain U.S. visas while serving as head of U.S. Customs and Immigration Services. Are you looking into that?

JR: During my confirmation, I was asked about that, because it made the media at that point, that there was in fact an investigation of him — a non-criminal investigation. I had committed in my hearing — I think on three separate occasions, or it might have been four — to continue that investigation, so that investigation is continuing, but I can’t talk about anything.”


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