The Murder of CIA Officer Freddie Woodruff in Georgia Finally Laid to Rest?

Was Freddie Woodruff the 1st casualty of the reset of the Cold War? Thanks to a new Book by Michael Pullara  The Spy Who Was Left Behind, a better understanding of the August 8, 1993 murder of the CIA officer in Georgia is finally available. However, the book does raise a question not fully answered but hinted at in the text and title: Why was Freddie Woodruff murdered?

Perhaps the author might rethink the title because what Pullara’s investigation suggest is that while Woodruff might seem to be the spy left behind, not so much after Pullara admirable work, Pullara also raises a “serious theory”  that Woodruff was, in fact, likely killed because of the spy, networks and operations left behind by the KGB after the collapse of the USSR in 1991, which I confess, after working in Russia at the time, I always believed was the major conflict left unsettled after the collapse.

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