The Sater Sanction

Yesterday the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of criminals’ rights and safety vs the American public’s rights and safety when they refused to review the gag order on an attorney who attempted to force open the government’s handling and protection of Felix Sater.

The government’s use and protection of informants and co-operating individuals have spiralled out of control in the post 9/11 era. The case of Felix Sater and other high-profile cases, such as the Mumbai terrorist, David Coleman Headley, and the USCIS Rogue IT Program should start raising the question: Is the federal government, all three branches, covering up bureaucratic incompetence, which includes a failure to properly monitor confidential informants, especially those with criminal and terrorist backgrounds?

It also raises the question: Are organized crime, terrorist organizations, and foreign intelligence services now gaming the confidential informant system to conduct their activities here and abroad?

Sater’s relations with the recent tanking of  Trump International Hotel & Tower in Florida made the headlines last year and helped raise the question concerning the government’s judgement and ’employment’ of individual’s with Sater’s background. And whether government lawyers and managers like it or not there comes a tipping point – when does the government’s use and collaboration with criminals, terrorists and foreign businesses and governments start to threaten and undermine the very nation they are sworn to protect?

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