Maybe President Trump and AG Sessions Should Interview Mueller & Gang First?

The unmentioned issue in all the speculation about a possible Mueller interview of President Trump concerning “whatever” the Special Counsel is supposed to be investigating, is Felix Sater’s relationship with Mueller, Weissmann other various former Obama officials, and then the Trump organization.

You see Citizen Trump knew that Felix Sater had been a CI for the FBI and perhaps the CIA. (See Trump deposition regarding Sater.) Trump knew and that’s a huge problem for the DOJ, the FBI and all the public servants involved given Sater’s background and family history.

If Mueller and the Special Counsel office starts to publicly insist, thru various favorite press outlets, that Mueller needs to interview Trump, then President Trump, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, should invite Mueller, perhaps Andrew Weissmann and others to meet for an interview. President should have not only WH Counsel but AG Sessions and the current FBI Director along with the unsealed government records of Felix Sater  on his desk.

Then first things first, because before there was a President, Candidate, even Businessman Trump, there was a Citizen Trump. And Citizens, last time I checked the Constitution, are still nominally the rulers in our country and public servants, including the President, are well, public servants.

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