Monolithic Intelligence Communities?

Monolithic ICs?

Monolithic ICs?

Both the Trump Camp and critics are operating and tweeting based on a false premise that the IC, in fact any IC, is a monolithic entity. Divisions, cliques, cabals, bridge clubs, whatever, the American IC is no more  monolithic than any other IC from around the world. The Russian Dossier on Trump and all the chatter that has accompanied it provides a perfect example of how competing factions and interests within and across ICs will use the shibboleth of a united , single IC to bash the heads in of their rivals or perceived rivals in a world of non-monolithic ICs.

One can see this in action right now on Twitter if one follows John Schindler , XX Committee,  see recent twit such as this one for example:

“I’ve chatted with more than a half-dozen intel services about Trump. All have pieces of an ugly puzzle. Devastating.”

Schindler is intent , somewhat maniacally intent on proving PEOTUS Trump and all his main advisors are nothing more than Russian  stooges, agents in place; ‘traitors and treason’ seem to be favorite refrains from his followers. It’s amusing to follow, but also grating on one’s analytical senses because one can’t help but ask is Schindler, and many of his fawning followers, as detached and oblivious to the realities of the role and actions of  Vladimir Putin  in the world as they claim Trump and his advisors are?


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