Would DOJ Seek to Indict Senator Grassley for Releasing Unclassified Clinton Files?

Senator Grassley has been championing whistleblowers for decades maybe it’s time he steps into their shoes?

On September 12th the Senator stood up in the Senate and gave the following statement:

“Mr. President, today I want to discuss my serious concerns about the FBI’s selective release of Clinton investigation material and how the Senate is handling the unclassified but, not yet public, information provided by the Bureau.

On the Friday before a holiday weekend, the FBI chose to release to the public only two of the dozens of unclassified documents it provided to Congress.

Director Comey said, “the American people deserve the details in a case of intense public interest,” and “unusual transparency is in order.”

He is right; the people have a right to know.

But, actions speak louder than words.

Right now, the public has only a very narrow slice of the facts gathered by the FBI.

The FBI has only released its summary of the investigation and the report of the interview with Secretary Clinton.

However, its summary is misleading or inaccurate in some key details and leaves out other important facts altogether.

There are dozens of unclassified reports describing what other witnesses said.

But, those reports are still hidden away from the public.

They are even being hidden from most Congressional staff, including some who have been conducting oversight of the FBI on these issues.


Because the FBI improperly bundled these unclassified reports with a small amount of classified information, and told the Senate to treat it all as if it were classified….”

The senator seems to have two options: read the unclassified information on the Senate floor and/or release it to the public. What would DOJ do?

If they go after Senator Grassley I would be happy to forward the number of a federally trained and certified Whistleblower Retaliation Investigator who would gladly stand up in defense of the Senator. In fact, if his staff looked, he might even have her number.

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