Cogan’s Bluff in Brooklyn?



Is Judge Brian Cogan seriously pushing the Justice Department to go after two lawyers who are simply attempting to defend their clients, innocent victims of a financial fraud perpetrated on them by Felix Sater a government informant who appeared to use his CI status as a cover to carry out the fleecing of their clients?

Also check out Sater’s American lawyer who makes a ludicrous claim about Sater saving millions of Americans lives. He appears to reference some of the very information he argues needs to be sealed in his own self promotional material. Even stranger the lawyer appears to have unsealed  information he wants sealed in a suit filed on Sater’s behalf in Israel in an effort to intimidate a possible litigant against Sater here in the US.

Also worth asking in this case – Does anyone really think Sater was operating in Russia without the Russian government’s knowledge? Can Russian mafia figures in the US really ever come out of Putin’s trench coat?

This is an ugly, ugly case of judicial overreach where a judge appears to be pushing the Justice Department to not only go after two lawyers simply doing their sworn duty to defend their clients’ interests but also to trash the 1st Amendment and dump it in a Jersey landfill. For the Justice Department the appearance of a conflict of interest is reminiscent  of a legal system once practiced in the former Soviet Union.

But then again, perhaps Judge Cogan is simply bluffing, i.e., calling the government’s own bluff regarding just how kosher were the government’s dealings with Sater ?

Suggested movie title for the Sater Story: Black Mass?  Red Seder.






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