How Trump is Right on Immigration

Fixing a Problem Niagara Falls 1969

Niagara Falls 1969


It’s Broken. Turn it Off. Fix it.

The first World Trade Tower bombing should have been a hint.

9/11 should have been the final proof.

Instead both Parties and the special interests which reap a financial windfall from the immigration industry decided that a thousand American lives here and there, killed or maimed, every now and then is an acceptable price to pay for the benefits which they derive.

Consequently we have an immigration system overseen by a Department of Homeland Security which is more focused on and successful pursuing and attacking critics and whistleblowers than they are at defending the country.

In fact, DHS is now more an existential threat to the nation than the enemies it is charged with monitoring and countering.

The corruption within DHS is unprecedented.  It rivals the level of corruption which  brought down the Soviet Union.  And the corruption is likely only to get worse as DHS refuses to address the corrupt hiring practices which are a major factor in it consistently being ranked as one of the worse places to work within the Federal Government.

The head of the VA, another government agency currently under fire for gross mismanagement and corruption, recently asserted that: “You can’t fire your way to excellence.” Not true. And every American with a touch of common sense knows it.

Firing is often the first step to fixing a problem, whether it’s in the public or private sector. And so maybe, just maybe it’s finally time, after more than 20 years of failure by the political class to fix the immigration problem for  American voters to take the first step and say to their failed leaders :

You’re Fired!

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