Government Satire: Shredding Documents at the VA; the New Rob Cowan School of Government at Harvard

USCIS' Rob Cowan Interviews Potential Hire

Dr.Rob Cowan Interviews Potential Faculty

Harvard is opening up a new school of government, industrial size shredders are being purchased with a grant from AILA and USCIS’ NBC Director Robert Cowan is retiring amidst great fanfare and will be heading up the new school.

The current scandal at the Veteran Administration is only the most recent in the Obama Administration where government workers have been accused and been caught destroying documents to cover up gross incompetence and most likely criminal activity. The Obama Administration is not the first administration to engage in such activity. Both the Clinton and the Bush Administrations before it indulged in destroying documents to cover up what could be embarrassing and potentially criminal conduct. And even after they have left government some government officials have felt a strange compulsion to tamper with the historical record, e.g., Sandy Berger’s socks, to avoid responsibility for their negligence while in office.

The VA scandal now in the news is remarkably similar to the legacy INS’ and USCIS/ICE scandals which this site has focused on. Here is short summary from the Financial Times:

The VA story involves the shredding of documents, faking evidence and awarding bonuses for falsely eliminating wait times. Currently, VA officials are claiming that no veterans died because of the fraud and incompetence exposed by the whistleblowers, but given the destruction of documents and manipulation of records the credibility of those claims are MIA and Rob Cowan is rumored to be scouting guest lecturers amongst fast tracked, recent retirees from the VA.

Update: DHS was not amused. Cowan is now the Poster Boy for “DHS Success.” See the Rob Cowan Memo. Typical for the Juvenile Delinquents  running our government, after running over something, don’t check, but back over it and run over it again, faster.




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