Why Putin Laughs

Sanctions? Ya Crimea!

Sanctions? Ya Crimea!

What does Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov mean when he says sanctions against Russia will “boomerang”? Why do Western observers appear so surprised and caught off guard by Putin’s actions and what appears to be his total disregard for what the US threatens?

Call it end of Cold War role reversal or call it Putin’s ‘Reagan Open Mike Moment.’ What Putin knows is that the US is thoroughly preoccupied with domestic issues and is easily manipulated domestically due to corruption, incompetence  and  an Administration which is more focused on its domestic opponents than the country’s potential foreign enemies. He understands what the Administration is doing. The KGB and the other security services in the FSU did the same thing, i.e., they privatized the state to serve their own special interests. John Podesta overseeing the NSA’s capabilities?

Furthermore Putin knows that when the US Intelligence Community can’t protect its secrets, nor its people, it can hardly be expected to protect the country. The integrity and safety of IC and national security workforce has been thoroughly compromised and the leadership’s only response to date appears to be go after the people who attempted to report the breakdown in background checks and hiring in the federal work force which allowed someone like Edward Snowden to rummage thru the country’s secrets and then lamely protest Snowden’s celebrity status.

Crimea indeed.


p.s. And why his laughing may distract him from this.

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