Did Senate Staffers Use Sandy Berger’s Socks to Steal CIA Documents?

Allegations that Senate staffers may have stolen CIA documents from Langley in their investigation of the CIA raises so many fun questions: If one can steal documents can one plant, doctor, or destroy documents? Any staffers planning any trips to Moscow? Are Hill Pukes running and ruining everything in this town? How many other Congressional investigations involve misconduct and incompetence on the part of Senate and House staffers? Similar to the questions which this site has raised concerning who is watching the watchers and gatekeepers in the immigration agencies, the OIGs and government personnel departments, who is watching the oversight committees doing oversight?

So many fun questions and possible answers and no one of repute and good character to call in and sort it all out? Perhaps it’s time for the old Washington tradition of calling in the Old Hands to sort things out, or in maybe in this case, some old feet:

The Fixer

The Fixer

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