The Mythic Nomination of James Comey as FBI Dirtector

Best the_oath_of_the_horatii1352569913630The Godfather (1972)

A hybrid myth, something between Horatio at the Bridge and Michael Corleone at the Hospital that is what Washington’s power brokers are offering up in the nomination of James Comey as FBI Director.

The Washington Post :

“James Comey and the most riveting 20 minutes of congressional testimony. Maybe ever.”

Breathtaking stuff, no? See The Threat Matrix by Garrett M. Graff for more well sourced background on the Ashcroft/Brando, the Republic saved incident (p.482-493).

Of course, one might ask Mr. Graff, the Washington Post and others who extol and portray the 2004 heroic exploits of Mr. Comey and Director Mueller in a hue of early 70s Watergate crusading chic:

Why do we now find ourselves in a more Nixonian state than in the 70s?

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