Former U.S. Judge Urges House Panel to Query EDNY Prosecutors


A former federal judge, now a champion of crime victims’ rights, last week called for a U.S. House of Representatives panel to ask the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn to explain why it “appears” to be engaging in “on-going violations of important federal crime victims’ statutes.”

In written testimony delivered to a unit of the House Judiciary Committee, former U.S. Judge Paul G. Cassell, a professor at the University of Utah Law School, cited the Eastern District’s handling of cooperator Felix Sater’s guilty plea to having committed a $40 million stock swindle in 1998 as a prime example of why the enactment of a constitutional amendment protecting victims’ rights is necessary.

“Sadly,” he wrote, it is “my conclusion” that the Eastern District’s handling of the case, and judge’s granting of its request to shroud the plea in secrecy, “is hindering the public and this Subcommittee from learning how crime victims were…

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