Be Very Quiet! Frank Wolf is Hunting Chinese Spies!

Sshh! Chinese everywhere!

Sshh! Chinese Everywhere!

You think so Congressman? I’m glad Congressman Wolf is finally paying attention to some whistleblowers who have risked their careers to protect some of the scraps which are left of the American Dream and genius of its ingenuity and labor. Too bad Congressman Wolf, other members of Congress and the media didn’t pay more attention to the poor slobs who came out of USCIS in 2005-2006. Perhaps if he had, the suspicious actors he is tracking down now, might not have gotten into the country?

Congressman, you and other members of Congress, both Parties, are so blinded by your contractor, bureaucratic, and media ties that you have no idea what happened in 2006. And you all continue to think that you can play James Angleton to James Bond in the headlines and in front of cameras, instead of making sure that you hire qualified people for federal service in the first place. Sad, sad actors on a comic stage.

You want answers Mr. Wolf? Ask the right questions. Interpol liaison office 2006, US Justice Department, two positions filled by whistleblowers from the USCIS courtesy Mike Maxwell. How did that happen Mr. Wolf? I bet you wish you had gotten Mr. Maxwell to strap on that polygraph in your office in 2006?

And for Heaven’s sake why is Robert Cowan still stamping people into this country, perhaps even suspicious Chinese contractors down in Langley?

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