Cowan Triumphalis, Let the Sequestration Games Begin! Release the Criminals!

USCIS' Robert Cowan Returns to DC?

USCIS’ Robert Cowan Returning to DC?

The President recently warned that Sequestration could lead to criminals being released into our communities. Janet Napolitano, his Secretary of Homeland Security followed up with equally dire warnings that sequestration will force her hand to release thousands of ICE detainees into our communities, but not to worry, she and the White House assured the American public, they are all low risk, non-violent detainees.

Yet, precisely how the Secretary and the White House could be so sure who the detainees were that were going to be released when neither the Secretary or the White House were aware that the release was going to take place is one of those Beltway mysteries that may never be solved, i.e., talking points that magically appear in the hands of senior officials of the current administration.

There are all types of individuals in those ICE detention centers. Without harping on the obvious point that those being released now did not qualify previously for the monitored release program under which now they are being released, many of the detainees are just as possibly individuals who may have been engaged in any number of nefarious activities, espionage, drug and human trafficking, smuggling, Medicare fraud, gang related activities, as they are innocent day labourers pulled over for a broken tail light.

Immigration fraud or a violation of their terms of the immigration benefit they were issued may have been the only, or quickest LE tool to put them away and take them off the street.  Odds are that Justice, the FBI, the DEA among others are once again choking on their  coffee and doughnuts  as they start their days dealing with the mess the legacy INS agencies, ICE and USCIS, have left on their desks.

Don’t count on any anyone in ICE having a clue as to the scope of the reasons the individuals they are releasing were detained in the first place. Just as their boss DHS Secretary Napolitano had no clue the release was to take place, management in ICE all the way down the line is oblivious to  who they are holding, or for that matter, as I have been discovering, who they are hiring to do the holding and releasing.

Some in Congress have been predictably and understandably outraged by the Administration’s careless and seemingly nonchalant actions :

“It’s abhorrent that President Obama is releasing criminals into our communities to promote his political agenda on sequestration,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Virginia, said. “By releasing criminal immigrants onto the streets, the administration is needlessly endangering American lives.”

Napolitano’s response to Congress and the public outcry is hardly reassuring when she places the blame for the release on career civil servants in ICE who did not inform her it would take place before sequestration.

Yet all the confusion, finger-pointing and outrage surrounding the administration release of ICE detainees does provide a certain fanfare for an event that deserves more attention than it is getting, an event that constitutes a celebration rather than a condemnation of bureaucrats run amok and unaccountable to public opinion and common sense.

The Rumored Return of Robert Cowan to DC, a Sequestration Hero for Our Times

How fitting  that the bureaucrat who may have released more criminals into the US than any other bureaucrat in American history, Robert Cowan, the Director of the National Benefits Center in Lee’s Summit, MO , is rumored to be returning to USCIS headquarters in DC at this moment in history.

No need to worry that Sequestration might delay or dampen the pomp and celebration planned at USCIS for Cowan’s triumphal return, USCIS, as one USCIS senior recently appeared to chuckle during a Hill hearing, is not subject to Sequestration – they are almost fully self-funded.

Cowan is a Sequestration Hero for our times. Long ago, he and a cadre of other long time legacy INS officials, grasped the opportunities of working in an agency that was exempt from depending on Congress for funding. The most obvious opportunity a diminished, to almost no Congressional oversight of the nuts and bolts of how the immigration system operated as long as Congress didn’t have to come up with the funds to run the system. This status gave the INS and later the USCIS a freedom and flexibility in operating which would be the envy of most career bureaucrats in DC, they are, in effect, immune to sequestration.

Still subject to the outward appearance of Congressional oversight, in reality Cowan and his cadre of sequestration proof colleagues stand above and looking down on the politics and games of sequestration in which Washington is now engaged. They have spent years pretending to be mundane, nondescript civil servants, but in an insidious and RICO manner, they have used their government offices as storefronts to form a clique of entrepreneurial bureaucrats who act outside the box of government regulations and any other bothersome legal constraints in order to realize possibilities for self-promotion and self-enrichment that are as decadent and corrupt as any Ancient Roman bureaucrat could have imagined.

How? Simple, control the hiring system , control the bureaucracy. Personnel, as Stalin  so brutally demonstrated in the last century, is the foundation on what type of government one has, if the government itself becomes a government of lawless, corrupt individuals how soon will the population itself adopt and reflect those values and what will happen to those who refuse?

Stalin had his gulag for those who refused, and it was common in the camps for the real criminals to eventually become guards. In other words, in a gulag system the criminals become the jailers and the citizens become the criminals. Sound familiar? If not, maybe some day a former INS employee and whistleblower (handicapped) will write a samizdat story about how she was dragged from her home by local police and arrested for asking a question about why four undocumented workers were digging near her gas line on her own property.

Government officials knowingly releasing thousands of criminals amongst its own citizenry is a sick and deranged act.  Robert Cowan has made a career of it. The current release of ICE detainees into ‘the general population’ by an inept and incompetent agency like ICE is a validation of  Cowan’s career and an affirmation that mediocrity and self-interests amongst government officials takes precedence over the well-being and safety of those they are sworn to serve, the citizenry.

White House claims that those being released are “low-risk, non-criminal detainees” is about as truthful as the Benghazi talking points, i.e., poorly sourced at best and a bald-face lie at worst. If that is the line DHS and ICE senior officials are feeding the White House then the President is being as poorly served by those officials as the American people who will have to absorb and deal with the former detainees, who just recently did not even qualify for the monitor release program they are now being released under.

In short, the management sitting in ICE headquarters in Washington has no more a clear idea of who they are releasing than who they are hiring out in their offices spread out across the country. And for those who are familiar with ICE hiring and personnel management practices that is a terrifying thought. For they are the same hiring and personnel management practices that legacy INS manager and current USCIS  SES Robert Cowan is apparently triumphantly riding back into the Capitol.

‘Remember, Cowan, et al! Thou art mortal!’

Footnote: How has Rob Cowan continually flaunted and ignored any oversight in hiring practices which has endangered this country? How does he continually hire lackeys and unqualified candidates, who use doctored resumes much like James Woosley’s girlfriend? How does he get away with a family and friends hiring system, which includes his wife, instead of being held to any hiring system that is guided by merit, qualifications and the interests and integrity of US Citizenship?

It’s a long story, but it helps if the reader starts to familiarize themselves with the waivers OPM started to grant to the INS in their hiring practices back in the 90s.

Also important is the fact that INS was part of the Justice Department. Lingering personal connections between legacy INS officials and Justice Department employees probably helps to explain how Mike Maxwell, who was at the time a media ‘whistleblowing’ star on Capitol Hill, managed to miraculously reach down into the Department of Justice and arranged for two individuals to be hired in an office that provided Rob Cowan and his NBC gang cover for past mistakes made in not checking the criminal backgrounds of benefit recipients.

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4 Responses to Cowan Triumphalis, Let the Sequestration Games Begin! Release the Criminals!

  1. Julie Dicks says:

    Thank you so much “Mr. D.”:)
    Your understanding and pithy insights are just what is needed. I pray people indeed listen and take heed. Thanks for interpreting and illuminating the situation of those who are “different” and have different perspectives but whose findings and opinions should not be disregarded.

  2. Doug Brown says:


    You’re welcome. No American, and no American civil servant should have had to go thru what you did. You and the others were American heroes who put your fellow Americans first and your own well being and safety second. The failure of Congressmen and the media to stand up for you because you didn’t have the big titles, only the education, experience and ethics to understand what Cowan and his cronies were up to, is disgraceful.

  3. JD says:

    Here’s another article on the ramifications of sequestering:

    • JD says:

      It’s NOT just about U.S. security, it affects the international scene as well!! Ya’ think the terrorists might take advantage of the situation…h-m-m-m-m?? (OY!)

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