ICE Intel Head, Down and Out In El Paso?

Is Chaparro Pulling the Woosley over our Eyes?

Is Chaparro Pulling the Woosley over our Eyes?

On an impromptu and sudden visit to ICE in El Paso yesterday, James Chaparro, ICE Intelligence Chief, has allegedly admonished the El Paso intel office for producing shoddy to no work products at all over the last few years and no clue as to how an intel shop should be operated. Not surprising, given the management in charge in El Paso, but what is surprising is that Chaparro is expecting a predominantly unqualified and non-producing work force to magically become a productive office because he is “now” telling them what they have to do to measure up as intel shop. No one got the SAC, but everyone is expected to change now that Washington is watching. Weren’t they before? Oh, that’s right the El Paso office wasn’t producing anything for Washington to watch.

Did Chaparro layover in Vegas on the way out to El Paso? Maybe he was waylaid by one of those famous ICE golf outings and retirement parties? Who knows?

What we do know is that after the Woosley Affair, which included the arrest and conviction of El Paso FIG supervisor Ahmed Adil Abdallat, El Paso should have been a high priority target for ICE management in DC to monitor. It hasn’t. Instead, reports of continued serious mismanagement and fraud including, once again, the abuse of highly qualified personnel, and favoritism in hiring and promoting uniquely unqualified personnel, aka the Woosley Personnel Management Model, have gone unheeded in DC headquarters, and if Chaparro’s visit is any indication, are now protected and approved personnel practices in ICE.

Hence, rumors that the Woosley Personnel Management Model, will henceforth be the Chaparro-Woosley Personnel Management Model at BITAC.

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