Defender of Mother Russia Goes After Russian Mothers


How Sick and Nasty is Putin’s Russia?

Putin’s Russia  is putting on trial a dead man Sergei Magnitsky, the man for which the recently passed and signed Magnitsky Act is named. However, the trial is not just absurd it’s now turning sadistic.

You see Vladimir Putin is now going after Magnitsky’s mother.

“In the end, starting in January, Magnitsky’s 62-year-old mother will  be forced to defend her dead son at his trial in the capacity  of “legal representative of a deceased defendant.

Magnitsky’s mother will not be allowed to introduce any evidence  from the presidential human rights council or from any other  independent investigation. If she refuses to take part in the cruel  mockery and humiliation of being forced to participate in a  show trial of her dead son, she could be prosecuted.”

Read more:
The Moscow Times”

So Putin who has recently trashed the Chekist Myth and gone after several of his fellow Chekists is now going after political opponents’ mothers?

As Putin rummages around Russia’s political history for a new legitimizing ideology, Defender of Mother Russia may soon sound as farfetched and perverse as Putin’s Cool Head, Warm Heart and Clean Hands.

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