Meanwhile, Out in the West Texas town of El Paso

ICE, and Congress, will play while the media is away.

The level of corruption is to the point now in Ice out in El Paso that for all intents and purposes it has seceded from the Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community.

Facilitating ICE El Paso’s unique and ridiculous activities is a grossly incompetent and arrogant Washington headquarters which may have lost lusty Suzanne Barr but has a Dufus named Dinkins, a Debbie Schlussel favorite, ignoring and pooh-poohing all the reports of infiltration and corruption under the SAC in El Paso.

All other Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies still nominally working for the American people need to stay away from the SAC in El Paso. Work products and investigations will be thoroughly compromised and SKIF-jacked by the SAC in El Paso.

Andrew Becker nice try, but the Center for Investigative Journalism,  the Washington Post and Huffington Post are simply not up to covering the SAC in El Paso.

Time to bring in the big guns. Bravo for the SAC in El Paso.

Appearing soon after the new Housewives of Tampa Bay, don’t be surprised to see the Housewives of El Paso, Jill and Paula fame is fleeting, SAC in DRAG is where America is heading out in El Paso.

Do I hear a “whoopi!” out of Big Sis’ office?

Catching a flight soon to the SAC in El Paso.

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