Jane Harman Defends Petraeus’ CIA Tenure

Former Congresswoman Jane Harman, a close personal friend of Petraeus, just defended Petraeus’s work at the CIA on PBS’ News Hour. Strange, such a statement from the former ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, and a current member of the CIA’s outside advisory board, shows either a lack of familiarity with Petraeus’ reputation within the Agency or she has no concern for what the rank and file thought of Petraeus’ skills and suitability for the post. (Remember this is the techno illiterate who was excited about the futuristic “vision” of spying thru household appliances.) Add to that the disgrace he brought to his position as Agency Spymaster and the unresolved question of what kind of environment (HOSTILE) he created for the highly skilled and professional women in the Agency workforce and Harman shows Washington’s elite again at its best, i.e., support your friends and screw the rank and file who make the sacrifices and do the real work of one of the world’s elite spy agencies.

Former Congresswoman’s Harman’s ethical standards  were also on full display in the News Hour as she attempted to influence and encourage an aggressive investigation into the FBI’s shirtless whistle-blower to Congress who initiated the investigation that brought down her friend, Petraeus. Nothing like a former member of Congress going after a Congressional whistle-blower, maybe her former members in the House should investigate ?

Harman will obviously be a favorite candidate to replace Petraeus for an Administration that just gave the Agency arguably its worse Director ever,  yet the question will be for many observers why are you replacing the least suited Director of the CIA ever with a Director who is clueless to Petraeus’ record and legacy at the Agency?

I guess if ghost biographers of CIA Directors can be clueless, it was only a matter of time before the Directors themselves become clueless, must be something in the DC media.

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