Conduct Unbecoming a CIA Director and the Media

The Washington Post is now painting the woman, Paula Broadwell, as the villain for triggering the investigation into Petraeus’ private transgression. Sound familiar?

Let’s see,  she was in addition to being a journalist, a subordinate officer in the US Army, not in his immediate chain of command, but a subordinate reserve officer, and he was on her dissertation committee, a dissertation about Petraeus. Hmm? And the WPost focuses on her harassment of a possible female competitor for the General’s attention.

Funny how the WPost and most in the media don’t think that sexual harassment in the workplace by a superior or creating a hostile workplace for women serving their country might be worth examining in this very private matter.

One can understand some caution on the Post’s part, I mean no one would have wanted to see right before the election some irresponsible headline like: Did the Administration Appoint a Dumb Ass, Misogynist Prick to Run the CIA? However, the rush by the Post to relegate the Petraeus story and timeline to ‘ great public servant suffers fall from grace due to private failure’ is another case of journalistic cheating on an abused and cockold public.


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