Intel Wars Continue Thru Media Surrogates

Fox News’ “Exclusive: Security officials on the ground in Libya challenge CIA account,” once again demonstrates how messy bureaucratic infighting can get when done thru surrogates in the media. One of the gravest dangers to American national security over the last several decades is the almost non-stop and increasingly mindless willingness of national security officials to engage in internal bureaucratic battles in the open media thru surrogate reporters who really don’t have a clue as to the legitimacy or truth of the intel they are being fed for distribution. I like to call it Angleton’s Revenge. Hounded into retirement and vilification by the media, with the help of his own colleagues, Angleton decided to plant the seeds for an intelligence community media relationship which all but assured a disastrous affair of self-serving egotistical maniacs.  Angleton’s poison pill for self-serving leakers and media jackals? Back to the breaking news from Benghazi…

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