Now David Ignatius Throws the CIA Under the Bus

David Ignatius writes in today’s WPost:

“A detailed CIA timeline of the assault on U.S. facilities in Benghazipaints an anguishing picture of embattled Americans waiting for Libyan security forces who didn’t come and courageous CIA officers who died on a rooftop without the heavy weapons they needed, trying to protect their colleagues below.

It’s a story of individual bravery, but also of a CIA misjudgment in relying on Libyan militias and a newly formed Libyan intelligence organization to keep Americans safe in Benghazi.”

* “Drinks at the Vice-President’s place after filing story.” – post-it note found on copy of article submitted to copy editor.

CIA’s misjudgment? Who’s responsible for the chaos in Benghazi and Libya in the first place? Maybe the same guy’s bacon Ignatius is trying to save?

No need to worry about Ignatius safety for throwing Langley under the bus, he has so many friends and sources over there, some mistake him for a blue badger as he roams the halls.

Hey, the Benghazi control center was important but the ‘control’ center at the Washington Post – indispensable.

Don’t ever expect to see the same operational details of Ignatius’ meetings with his sources that we see in the above article.

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