New HALO Release? Mike Maxwell, the Whistle-Blowing Zombie?

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden, along with other former and current US government employees are now fighting Zombies in Paradise. Invited to Paradise Point Resort Island in San Diego by HALO corporation to test their zombie/counterterrorist skills, participants will undoubtably find it a challenging, gruelling experience, regardless of the plush, spa like surroundings.

After A Long Day Of Zombie Fighting

Still over the last several months as I have watched HALO corporation promote its five-day counterterrorism summit, a DHS backed and partially funded training program, that looks like great fun for all involved, even with the high price tag of a thousand bucks a pop for registration, several questions have popped into my mind:

Is HALO a virtual company gone real or a real company gone virtual? Isn’t there a game and major corporation associated with the name? And why is HALO now connected to the Company by a former Director and other former senior officials? A few years ago that was the one government agency with which they seemed totally unconnected. And what about Mike Maxwell former head of security at USCIS, congressional whistle-blower and later staffer who aggressively promoted HALO corporation in 2006 claiming to be a founding partner and its DC representative? What happened to that association? Was Maxwell just imagining, just role-playing his association with HALO? Was Maxwell the security chief turned whistle-blower himself just a figment of his own and other’s imagination in DC in 2005-2007? I mean whatever happened to Mike Maxwell, former police chief, security chief, and star whistle-blower on Capitol Hill? According to a number of investigative journalists I’ve asked, he seems to have mysteriously disappeared in an eerily zombie game like fashion.

Perhaps, this event is really nothing more than a promotional event by HALO for a new Killer App Zombie character, Maxwell, USCIS Whistle-Blower?  After all, in Paradise anything is possible.

This story is brought to you courtesy of the US taxpayer, the bungling incompetence of the US Congress, the moral depravity of certain government bureaucrats, the sloth and indifference of the US media, a few very profitable non-profits, and the greed of scores of zombie government contractors.

9. Recall Mike Maxwell To Testify, Along With Real USCIS Whistle-Blowers

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