Why Does ICE Continue To Get An El Paso?

Guilty of Obstruction of Intelligence

The arrest and conviction of ICE Intel Chief James M . Woolsey should have triggered a major investigation and more arrests of government employees who have ripped off the American taxpayer based on fraudulent credentials to get their jobs, then engaged in fraud, and additional criminal activities, to keep those jobs while at the same time retaliating against any individuals who threaten to expose them, a retaliation that is often itself a criminal activity.  These people are as much a danger to the security of the United States as any member of a terrorist organization, a criminal cartel, or a foreign intelligence agency. They regularly engage in intimidation and bureaucratic sabotage against individuals who are legitimately hired and engaged in the real work of law enforcement and intelligence in defense of this nation. They are precisely the windows of opportunity which our enemies actively seek or simply happen upon in their efforts to harm this country and kill Americans. What the Dinkins is the FBI waiting for?

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