Laughing in the Face of a Disaster, Joe Biden

When Joe Biden decided to throw the Intelligence Community under the bus on Libya in the recent VP debate, he pretty much guaranteed that people in the Community would fire back. Incoming.

Libya is an ongoing intelligence disaster, a debacle that should never have happened. It has the potential to rank right up there with Diem, and the fall of the Shah as blunders leading to  regional chaos and seemingly unending  tragedies and bloodshed for the US and the world.  What had been one of the CIA’s greatest successes in the last decade, the turning and co-opting of the Gaddafi regime, now as a consequence of the dilettantes and incompetents of the Obama administration has the potential to help keep the ME and the entire African continent bleeding and in turmoil in a way that few could have foreseen just a few years ago.

Instead of being able to declare victory over al Qaeda with the death of Osama bin Laden and  wrapping up our military engagement in the region, team Obama-Biden has created the conditions for expanding the conflict with Islamic terrorists and jihadists and adding millions of new recruits to their ranks. One can only guess how the VP would respond to such a statement:

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