Al Qaeda Going to Kansas City, Kansas City Here They Come

Is hiding terrorists among us a good idea? Is it the same as hiding former mob members or Cold War defectors among the general US population? I would argue that it is not the same, not only would I question the ability of federal officials to accurately assess how ‘safe’ the terrorist turn good guy/snitch is, it would seem self-evident that you are putting a huge target right in the midst of the general population, main street USA, or in this story right in the middle of the Kansas City Chiefs’ home games.

This story goes to the heart of the rogue IT story that emerged during the Mike Maxwell hearings in 2006. That story should have forced a rethinking of the witness protection program in the era of the war on terror, maybe the story of Helmet man in Kansas City will trigger a reappraisal. In the meantime, maybe Americans everywhere might consider donning a helmet while attending sporting events or simply when they go out in public? One never knows if a terrorist is out among us or is being hunted by other terrorists bent on settling old scores.

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