Outright Lies By DHS, and USCIS Director Regarding Background Checks

USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas, the man who put in charge Robert Cowan, (whose own background could use a little checking into), is knowingly lying to the American public on its agency ability and willingness to do required background checks on applicants for the President’s new program.

From the NYT:

“Given only two months to prepare, Alejandro Mayorkas, the director of the agency, worked to rally its 18,000 employees, including some 11,000 federal workers, to rise to the task. The applications — sheaves of school transcripts, utility and other bills, rental contracts or other documents immigrants can find to track their daily lives over the past five years — have to be submitted by mail.

Operating in the bureaucratic equivalent of a blitz, the agency has been issuing receipts for applications within 48 hours after they were logged in, Mr. Mayorkas said. Fingerprints and photographs are taken for background checks, generally within three weeks after an application is received.

The first applicants gave their fingerprints last Thursday, Mr. Mayorkas said, and the checks were completed by Monday. The agency is equipped to perform the criminal checks, Department of Homeland Security officials said, because those are required for most visas the agency routinely issues.”

DHS security officials who claim that USCIS is equipped to perform criminal background checks are either ignorant of the capabilities and procedures used by USCIS  or they are engaged in intentionally lying to the American media and public.

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