Is Libya Now in Our National Interest?


Did You Hear the One About Gaddafi’s Murder Being Investigated as a War Crime?


John Brennan, Leon Panetta, Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton to be appearing soon before Congress. Hasn’t the Administration sold out and betrayed their current agents and assets? Current events in Libya were predictable and preventable. (See Kappert Isle on Tumblr) Chris Stevens’ reports in Wikileaks are an invaluable source for documenting US incompetence and shedding light on why he is now dead and why North Africa is now exploding in our face. He was an insightful reporter of events and trends in Libya, where he failed was in thinking that he could help guide a revolution in Libya to coincide with a remaking of America’s image in the region. Welcome to the Fall of the Arab Spring.

Troubling Response from Romney Camp: A “W” Redux?

Libya was an intelligence and diplomatic disaster. Gaddafi and his regime had already been turned. Read Chris Stevens’ own reports in Wikileaks or ask former CIA officials like Steve Kappes. Gaddafi was a ‘nutjob’ buffer against the nutjobs in the ME and Africa. Egged on by the French and British politicians, who had their own reasons for taking out Gaddafi, this administration has earned the Jimmy Carter Prize for Diplomatic Ineptitude on a Planetary Scale (DIPS).

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