Transnational Organized Crime and the Role of ICE

Kumar Kibble was formerly Deputy Director of ICE he is now SAC out in Denver, CO.  When he was Deputy Director of ICE, Kibble delivered the following testimony to Congress on the key role played by ICE in combatting transnational organized crime all over the globe and keeping America safe from its impact .

“ICE is uniquely positioned and exclusively devoted to disrupting and dismantling transnational criminal networks by targeting the illicit pathways and organizations that engage in human smuggling and produce, transport, and distribute illicit contraband.”

If ICE is integrated in almost every aspect of America’s fight against transnational organized crime, as Kibble maintains, then the integrity and vetting of the ICE workforce from top to bottom is a fundamental requirement for ICE to be successful in its mission.

What happens when a key law enforcement and intelligence agency does not pay adequate attention to human resources issues? When agency personnel from top to bottom is riddled with poorly screened, corrupt personnel? James Woosley is what happens. Suzanne Barr is what happens. Dora Schirro is what happens.

How did Dora Schirro ever get another job in Corrections after what she cost the taxpayers in Missouri and the devastating impact she had on the morale of the correctional workforce in Missouri? A date with Janet?

Failure to adequately screen the ICE workforce from top to bottom means that our uniquely positioned agency to fight off transnational organized crime is almost certainly thoroughly infiltrated by the very criminals it is attempting to identify, fight and round-up. The consequence for America is that our country and our communities become the playground for international criminal cartels (including our own), the criminally inclined and occasionally criminally insane.

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