Where Are They Now?

Systemic corruption erodes trust and confidence in democratic institutions, the rule of law, and human rights protections. This is the case when public officials are allowed to abuse their authority with impunity for political or financial gains in collusion with private entities. (H.R. 4405: Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012)

Global Technology Management (GTM) was set up by a former INS official in 1994. It has heavily recruited retiring INS officials ever since. Rob Cowan’s mentor, Terry O’Reilly hardly missed a day off working on immigration issues when he retired in 2005 and immediately went to work for GTM. O’Reilly is among several high-ranking former INS and USCIS officials who have found second careers as  contractors working for the same agency they retired from.

The hiring of former senior level officials by government contractors is by no means corrupt in of itself. Normally there is a little bit more of a breather, than just the short lunch break apparently taken by Mr O’Reilly before he went back to work for USCIS and DHS as a contractor.

However, what makes GTM interesting and worth a Magnitsky mention is its high level contacts and clients, which include the Executive Office of the President, according to their own web site, and Mike Maxwell’s contacts with Terry O’Reilly after Maxwell left USCIS and landed up on the Hill. Whether Maxwell contacts with O’Reilly were just bad judgement on his part, or something more sinister which at least one whistle-blower believed, is an open question. However, there is no question, that Rob Cowan survived Mike Maxwell’s whistle-blowing on the Hill despite the fact that the whistle-blowers Maxwell relied on insisted that Cowan employed the same management practices that landed poor James Woosley in the slammer.

Which brings the issue back to the scandal in DHS OIG

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