Criminal Organization Infiltrates Judicial System

This case in which an organized crime gang was buying information from a court clerk from sealed documents is an example of something Larry Sulc wrote about in Law Enforcement and Counterintelligence (1996) and which my father (CIA) often spoke about the Italian mafia doing in the 1950s, i.e., organized crime penetrating law enforcement and the judicial system.

One of the contentions made by whistle-blowers concerning the USCIS/ICE is that legacy INS was being racketeered by organized crime. I don’t know the degree which that is true. Obviously, it makes sense that organized crime groups, especially international ones would seek to have their fixes within the immigration system, but another explanation is that the corruption within the immigration system is so flagrant that it often takes on the appearance of being run as an organized crime group; that has been the opinion of a number of former INS officers I have spoken with over the years.

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