New FBI CI Chief

There’s a new FBI Counterintelligence Chief. Looking at his resume several questions come to mind but two specifically jump out at me, one general, one specific:


Does he understand the nature of the environment he is operating in? In the linked article the Financial Times author  sets a forth a Gordian knot type dilemma for any national Counterintelligence Chief to deal with. If one accepts the reality and implications of the global business environment the FT presents, a counterintelligence strategy driven by national interests is not possible. In fact, a US, or any national counterintelligence strategy will be infiltrated and coopted by the transnational actors and interests discussed in the FT piece. That may sound too theoretical and wonkish for some who are in the trenches of CI trying day in and day out to protect America so let’s consider a hypothetical “real” world scenario: what if the agency running your visa and immigration system was being runned  by one or more your nation’s most dangerous enemies, national or transnational? In such a scenario is a national Counterintelligence even possible?


Was the new FBI CI Chief involved in the debriefing of Michael Maxwell when he came out of the USCIS? Looking at his resume and his work regarding the National Labs raises the question because Mike Maxwell was very much focused on the infiltration of our national labs by foreign intelligence and at least according to Maxwell, Director Mueller himself was making the decision as to what and what not to investigate concerning what Maxwell brought out with him to put before Congress and the media in 2005 and 2006. At one point, according to Maxwell, even yelling that he Mueller, not Maxwell, would determine what was important and not important concerning USCIS and the chaos within the immigration system.

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