‘Friend on Friend’

AP reports on the US counterintelligence community’s concern over the intelligence threat from Israel.

There is no doubt that Israel represents one of the most significant intelligence threats to this country but it also represents one of its most significant intelligence allies, as the AP report notes. However, some caveats to the AP story should be made:

1. Despite what the article says US intelligence officers should also be worried about visits and monitoring by Israeli intelligence not just in Israel, but anywhere in the world, that’s the Mossad’s job.

2.) One has to wonder if the US would be hesitant to investigate a significant intelligence loss if the result would clearly prove that Israel continues to spy and is very active in the US despite the Pollard agreement. I suspect the politicians from both parties would be highly reluctant to even launch, let alone agressively pursue such an investigation, no matter how strong the evidence, it would be a trophy none would want on their mantle.

The AP report is less insightful concerning the ‘Five Eyes,’ that agreement between the US, GB, Can, Aus, and NZ deserves a little better analysis than the AP report gives it. Counterintelligence vigilance and analysis is just as important to apply to friends, as Israel demonstrates, as it is to enemies. Current and former senior intelligence US officials from Directors on down have shown a self-inflicted blind spot on the issue.

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