Aren’t Juvenile Criminal Records Sealed?

Maybe that is why Rob Cowan was called in to work on the procedural details of the administration’s new program directed at young illegal aliens. The Cowan Corollary: Records? What Records?

AP is reporting the following concerning, “The Plan” :

“The Obama administration’s new plan to grant temporary work permits to many young, illegal immigrants who otherwise could be deported may cost more than $585 million and require hiring hundreds of new federal employees to process more than 1 million anticipated requests, according to internal documents obtained by The Associated Press.”

Once again Democrats and Republican critics have made a mighty effort to confuse the issue so much that nothing will be done to fix our broken immigration system. What they will ensure is that Congressman will get jobs in their districts, the USCIS will continue to be a black hole of accountability for all the fees they take in, and that voter registration drives will sign up thousands of new voters in key districts, and best of all despite everyone in DC knowing, and I mean everyone from politicians to press, that the senior management of USCIS has for years made a mockery of the hiring process, the Administration is going to give the agency the right to hire “more than 1,400 full-time employees, as well as contractors, to process the applications.”

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