Tattoos, Organized Crime and Visas

Quote from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

“In the fiscal year ended September 2006, the State Department refused immigrant visas to only two people it had “reason to believe” sought to “solely, principally or incidentally” engage in organized crime. In fiscal 2010, the latest year available, the number had jumped to 82 people.”

Not surprising since prior to the summer of 2006 USCIS didn’t have anyone in the Justice Department Interpol liaison office running names by Interpol. Even after attempting to set up some ad hoc system, the system and especially the people running it left a gaping hole in our background check process. The use of tattoos is a lazy man’s way to screen for  gang members, necessary, but done more for appearances sake than part of a comprehensive screening process.

Meanwhile a new visa regime between the US and Russia will make business travel between the two countries considerably easier, that would be for both well-intentioned businessmen and not so well-intentioned businessmen.

With the new visa regime we can look forward to importing these kinds of headlines from the British tabloids, “Oligarch who hosted Mandelson ‘ordered a murder and has ties to organised crime gangs.'”

On the bright side, since our intelligence, law enforcement, and administrative screening process is thoroughly compromised, Russian organized crime tied to Russian state actors will be one of the few growth industries in America.

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