Has Libyan Fiasco Led to Rebirth of Al Qaeda?

Much as America’s success in Afghanistan during the 80’s contributed to 9/11 and a ridiculous overcommitment of blood and treasure in the Middle East, the current administration’s decision to take out a compliant and bought off Gaddafi will have disastrous consequences for Africa and the US for years to come. The WTimes carries the following story:

“A breakdown of security in Libya has allowed a significant flow of militants and weapons into other troubled areas in North Africa, according to the top Pentagon official on Africa policy.

The outflow of Libyan weapons and militants has “created opportunities for al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to exploit instability and establish new and expanded safe havens,” said Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Amanda J. Dory.”

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However, unlike America’s rationale for intervention in Afghanistan during the 80s, which had legitimate national interests informing the decision, the Libyan intervention was a fool’s errand, led by a gaggle of fools Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama, and Hillary chasing down and slaughtering the foolish Gaddafi who thought that he had earned their protection by cooperating with the West against Al Qaeda, giving up/curtailing his WMD projects, and apparently sending a little cash Sarkozy’s way.


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