James M. Woosley, the Bureaucrat Who Would Be King

Is he now spilling his guts? There are many nervous feds and former feds around the country who are probably packing up the RVs and campers for summer vacation wondering : Mexico or Canada?

James M. Woosley the former chief of ICE Intelligence was a long time insider at legacy INS, and later in ICE, one of the spin-off agencies of the INS in the post 9/11 period. Recently convicted of fraud and using government funds for his own personal use, which included nepotism, hiring his girl friend and having his employees paying his mortgage, to mention just a few offenses, Woosley’s conviction has the potential to shake up the Federal government much like Madoff shook up the financial world.

As a former colleague put it Woosley “knew how to get things done, but also knew where the agency’s skeletons were buried. There’s no question he was king, … What he said everybody did.” (Andrew Becker, HuffingtonPost 4/22)

Woosley is a member of what one INS/USCIS whistle-blower has sarcastically called the “Untouchables,” a rogue kleptocracy within the former INS who have all but destroyed the US immigration system and who have so poisoned and distorted public debate and discourse within the country on the issue of immigration that unless the ‘Untouchables’ are hauled into the spotlight and exposed, Americans may never understand why their country and very concept of American citizenship has all but collapsed and perished from the face of the earth.

Woosley’s conversion of public monies for his own use is precisely the type of activities which  a group of whistle-blowers attempted to report to the DHS OIG, the Justice Department, the OSC, and Congress in 2005 and 2006, only to be mugged and retaliated against by the very people they reported it to and assisted by an often clueless and narcissistic media and NGO community. The cast of characters in 2005 and 2006 represented a who’s who among government officials, members of Congress, think tank and media pundits on the twin issues of immigration and national security. But unfortunately, one only has to mention one name Michael Maxwell, the former head of security at USCIS and everyone involved in the great immigration debate of those years suddenly go deaf and dumb. Why?

Well, we may all soon find out because if Woosley is spilling his guts as his plea bargain requires him to, then Madoff, the recent GSA scandal may all pale in comparison. How will we know if our immigration system may finally be fixed? Look to the headlines from El Paso and some other federal employees from the court of King James appearing in another type of Federal Court, sometime soon.

And kudos to Andrew Becker, who despite much evidence to the contrary, demonstrates that integrity and character can still be found within the journalistic profession.

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