A Mexican Version of Russian Money Laundering

The New York Times today published a story on how the Zetas, one of the deadliest and most vicious Mexican drug cartels, launder their money through the horse racing business here in the US. The story provides a nice template for understanding the goals of the Russian Mob and its Vladimir Skigin type characters  as it enters the American oil industry.

Of special interest is this quote from the NYT’s story:

“The Zetas are particularly adroit at spreading their tentacles across borders,” said Michael S. Vigil, a former senior official with the Drug Enforcement Administration. He added that the gang’s extensive intelligence and operational capabilities allow it to take control of new territory so quickly that it is difficult for law enforcement to keep up. ”

“Extensive intelligence and operational capabilities,” Nu Ladna.

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One Response to A Mexican Version of Russian Money Laundering

  1. citizenkla says:

    All that they had to do was go to the nearest bevy of casinos, buy a bunch of chips, then cash them in.

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